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Business Activities

Kendriya Bhandar Madhya Pradesh regional office engaged into the following business activities:

a) List of Products supply

COMPUTERS Computer, Injet Printer, Laser & Dotmatric, Toner, Fax Machine, Xerox Machine, Duplicating Machine, Kioyesk, All Type Of Software & IT Peripherals, Cartadge, CD, DVD, Pendrive, Cable, Shredder, Binding Machine, Laminator, UPS, Networking Products, Spealars, Mother Board, Key Board, Mouse, Memory Card, Hard Drive, Scanners, Web Came, Monitor, Optical Devices, Intel Processors, Mobile, Computer Accessiores, Cabinet, CPU, Internet Security
PRINTED FORMS & REGISTERS All Kinds Of Standard Printed Forms For Central Government Offices/State Govt. Office. i.e. GAR/TR/CPWD/DOT/SY/S/CISF etc. All Kinds Of Forms & Registrar to FCI/CWC/C/PF and Non-Standard Forms & Register as Per Your Specification.
EDUCATIONAL ITEMS All types Of School Requirment Suchas Note Book, Slate, Slatepen, Chalks, Duster, White Board, Green Board, Glass Board, Notice Board, Black Board, Magnctic Board, Interactive White Board, Audio Visual Equipment, Markerpen, Uniform & Uniforms Cloths, Shoes & Sock and ITI & Polytechnic Requirement As Such As Instrument and Raw Materials and All type of Tools & Machinery & Reference & Subject Books For Library, E-Book, Education Software, Physics & chemistry Instruments, Lab Chemicals, First Aid Box, Bio-Visual Charts, Maths Lab, Geography equipments, Nursing Manking, Skeleton Models, Visual Aid, Anatomical Models & Etc.
STATIONERY All Kinds Of Duplicating, Typing, Photo Copier Paper, Printing Paper, Rice Paper, Bond Paper, Computer Paper, Green Ledger Paper, Of Reputed Brand, Link Ballarpur, L.K., TNPL, BILT-Copy Power.All Kind Of Office Stationery, Files, Plastic Files, Folder, Cover, Dairy, Penset, Register, Lcard, Plastic Stationery, Rubber Stamp, And All Type Of Printing Items.
OFFICE AUTOMATION EQUIP. Duplicating Machine, FAX, Scanner, Paper Shredding Machines, Photocopiers, Postal Franking Machine, Note Counting Machine, Money Check Machine, Spiral & Spico Punch Binding Machine, Roll Laminators, Paper Cutting Cum Stitching Machine, Currency Counting Machine, Lamination Machine, Etc.
FURNITURE Modular Workstations, Mobile Compactors, Full Ht. Partition/Cabins, Executive Desks, Conference Table, Reception Counters, Chair & Other Seating System, Storang Solution (all types) Almirah, Sofa, Benches, Visitor & Staff Chairs, Hostel & Hotel Furniture, Interior Decoration, Hospital All type Of Furniture, Godhrej Furniture Of Different Range, Total Furnishing, Carpeting, Ceiling Works, Curtain, All Linen Items, Mattress, Pillow Laboratory Furniture, Fabrication Work,False Ceiling.
ELECTRICAL ITEM All Kinds Of Bulbs, Tube Light, Tube light Fitting, All type Of Fans, Panel Board, MCB, CFL, T-5 Tube, LED Light, Sockets, Room Heater, Copper Cable, Armed Cable, Generators, All Type Of Pump & Motor, Transformer Work, Electrifi Highmast Work, LT&HT Electric Work, UPS, Invotor, All Type Of Bateries, Carpenter Kit, All Type Of Electrical Items, Vaccum Machine, Food Processing Machinery, alarm light, programmable school/college Bell, & etc,
ELECTRONIC ITEM TV, LCD & LED TV, DVD, Home Theater, DTH, Air Coolers, Water Coolers, Air Conditioner, Mixer Grinder, Oven, Refrigerator, Deep Freezer, Ele. Geezer, Amplifiers, Microphones, Speakers, LCD & OHP Projector, LED Micro Projector Digital & Movie Camera and Etc.
LUGGAGE All Type Of Briefcase Of Reputed Brands Like VIP, Aristocrat, Safari.
CLEANING MATERIAL Phynel, Various Kind Brushes, Brooms, Duster and Floor, Duster Acid Bottles, Naphthalene, Balls, Sanitaries, Air Purifier, Room Freshners, Washing Soap, Toilet Soap, Liquid Soap, Finite, Begone Spray, Odonil, Candles, Spray Pump, Bucket, Tumbler, Tray,bleaching powder, chlorine tablet,alum, fogging machine,pesticide & Etc.
FIRE EXTINGUISHERS AND SAFETY EQUIPMENT Head Protected, Eye Protected, Ear Protected, Respiratory Protection, Hand Protection, Body Protection Dress, Road Safety Protection, Foot Protection, Gas & Electric Welding Items, Miscellaneous Protects Kit, All Type Of Fire Extirgui Shers, Co2, Soda Acid Form DCP/ABC, BCF, Balgar Alaram, Fire Safe Pipeline Works & Etc.
SECURITY ITEM All type Of CCTV Camera,Bio-Matrix Sys, Metal Detector, Baggage Scanner, Hand Held Metal Detector, Automic Boom Barriers, Fire & BUrglar Alarm System, Deposits Lockers, Currency Counting Machine, Fire Indicator, Alluminium Ladder, Currency Check Machine (3D Eye), All type Of Safe, Under Vehical Surveillance Sys., and Etc.
LIVERIES AND FURNISH Towels, All type Of Window & Door Curtain, Chair cushion, Lining Cloth, Uniform Cloth And Other Textiles.
CROCKERY Year Glasses, Hitkari Crockery In Bone China, Lilly China, Eagle Flast, Mayor Jug Etc.
AGRICULTURE INSTRUME IPM Kit, Seed Pre-Cleaner, Grain Cleaner, Specific Gravity Separators, Destoners Positive Pressure type and All Type of Agriculture Tools, Entomology Equipment, Sale Of Trees, lawn mower,electric lawn mower,brush cutter, hedge trimmer, chain saw, tree pruner, hedge shear, secateurs,loppers, sprinklers,sprayers, vermi compost bucket, Pesticide, Hoticulture Work, Tree Cutting Work.
HYDRO & METROLOGICAL INSTRUMENT Water Current Meter, Water Current Meter Datalogger, Crane(Type-A) Bridge Outfit, River Bank Side Cable Way, USD-48 Sediment Sampler, Automatic Water Level Recorder, Automatic Weatherstaion, Wind Datalogger, Anemometer Cub Counter, Thermometer Screen(Small) Sunshine Recorder, Thermograph, Hygrograph, Ordinary Rangauge, Automatic Raingauge, Tipping Bucket Raingauge and Other Meteorological Instruments,
UNIFORM CLOTH Traditional Dress, Woolen Cloth And Etc.
MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Tabla, Dholak, Harmoniyam, Drumset, Konga, Electronics Key Board, Guitar, Octopas, Manira, Khanjari, Ahuja & Megha Audio Systems.
ROAD SIGN BOARD(RETRO REFLECTIVE) Mandatory Sign Board, Cautionary Sign Board, Informatory Sing Board, Flood Gauge, Gentry Singes, Raised Pavement Markers, Median Marker.
ROAD SAFETY PRODUCT Traffic Cone, Traffic Barriers, Cat Eye, Bollard, Delinators.
SOLAR PRODUCTS Solar Street Light, Solar Cooker, Solar Water Heater, Solar Lalten, Wind Solar Hybrid System,solar power packs,solar road studs,solar water pump & Etc.
MEDICAL EQUIPMENT Digital & Mercury Blood Pressure Instrument, Stethoscope, Thermometer, Weight Scale, Fetal Doppler and All type Of Surgical Instrument & Equipment. Anaesthesia Products, Autoclaves, Babycare Equipment. Diagnostic Instruments,Hospital Furniture, Hospital Garments, Hospital Hollowaro, Lab-equipment, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic Instrument, Medical Disposable, Microscopes & Projectors, Miscellaneous Products, Physiotherapy Equipment, Rehabilitation Aids, Shadowless Lights, Sunction Units, Surgical Needles, Surgical Instruments, Weighing Scale, All Kind Of Medicines, Dental Chair, X-ray Films, Bio Chemistry Materials, Hemoglobin strip, Telemedicine, Delivery Kit, Suctionmachine, Autoclave Machine, O.T. Tube Light, Anaestne Sia Machine, Sicle Cell it, Poliomarke, T.L Set, First Aid Kit & laboratory PH Meter, Materials, Water Batni Tissue Processor, Blood Bank Equipment Sterilizer & Etc.
EDUCATION AID All type Of Charts, Photo Frame, Banners, Mtorised Screen Scroller, camera, Audio-Visual Equipments, P.A.Systems, PVC Flexo Printed Aterial, "Alko Products," Hakim Products, kiosk, Veterinary Models, Nursing Models.
FOREST MATERIALS Nirdham chula, Smashan Bhaththi, Cement's Thambhla, kanta Tar, Van Kutir,White Bag, Tree-Guard, Green House, Signboard, Cement's Banch, Garden maintenance's, Instruments & other Related Materials,
ELECTRONIC WEIGHING Tabletop, Platform, Crane, Counter Scale, Pocket Scale, Coin Operated Balance, Weighbridge, Emfr. Tech. Base Lab Balance.
CIVIL WORKS Celling/Flooring, Interior Decoration, Paints, Compound Wall, Building Breaking, Wall Dipping, Plaster Works, Cement,Steel, Sand, Kapchi & Matal, Brick/CC Block, Bela Stone, Floor Tiles, Construction Row Materials, Steel-Wooden & Plastic Doors & Windows, Renovation Works, Checkdam, Boribandh, Cannel Road & Etc Civil Works. Hard Grains Items Gl Pipes, Cement Pipes, PVC Pipes, Paints, Plywood, Sanatory items & All type of Building Materials, Garden's Tool, Farmer's Tool,Hoticulture Wors, Lift Work, High Mast Work, Water Meter & Electrical Working AMC.
PROVINDING JCB with Truck, Dumper on hire Basic, Poster Printing, Invitation Cards & Forms Providing Of Catering Service.
PLAY GROUND & GARDEN EQUIPMENTS standard slide 14x8, swing 2sears/3 seats, wide slide, circular swing,roller slide,frp slide,crystal climber 8x8, spiral climber,straight net,reinbow jungle jim,circular jungle jim, radar screen,satelite climber,revolving platform, see saw,economy multi children set & etc
MUNICIPAL UTILITY EQUIPMENTS Mobile toilet van,sky lift, dumper placer, dumper, tipper, d-silt M/c, gully emptier, road sweeper M/c, four wheel hydraulic trailer & water tanker,four wheel simple trailer, close body tipper & hopper,open body tipper & hopper, dog van, animal carrier, road roller, multi jet, high pressure jetting unit, drainage cleaning, plastic bins, litter bins, wheel barrow, container trolley, hand cart, hydraulic hand pallet truck, platform trolley, crate & Box trolley & etc.,
GIFTS PRODUCTS Corporate Gifts Promotional Items, Instititional Sales Gift Consulting, Institutional Distributors & etc,